With over 63 years of experience, Aranda Textile Mills offers the market's highest quality blankets. We offer a selection of blankets and throws ranging from classic designs to contemporary colours and patterns. Our craftsmanship, combined with a commitment to on-going product development, has enabled us to secure our place in the competitive global market. Aranda produces some of the finest Furpile products in the world. Whether you need traditional Basotho blankets, branded blankets, initiation blankets, baby blankets or even throws, we have a wide selection of world class quality products that will meet all your needs.

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Featured Products

These lifestyle accessories are used to add colour, texture and vibrancy to the home. Throws can...

Domestic Bed Blankets

Aranda manufactures a comprehensive range of fur-pile bed blankets. This includes a selection of...

Basotho Heritage Blankets

These blankets have a deep cultural significance and history. The world renowned Basotho tribal...

Club Aranda

Looking to purchase blankets from the comfort of your home? Then visit our exciting new online store, Club Aranda, where you can choose from a wide range of blankets and throws at fantastic prices! It’s never been easier to buy directly from Aranda. Visit Club Aranda

Aranda Technical Textiles

Aranda Technical Textiles is a division within Aranda specialising in the weaving and coating of fibre glass fabrics for the industrial sector. Applications can be found in the construction; motor vehicle assembly and mining sectors to name a few Visit Aranda Textiles

Associated Spinners

Aranda’s sister company, Associated Spinners, is a South African textile company producing high quality yarns for the blanket, home textiles, and upholstery sectors. To find out more Visit Associated Spinners