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Young Basotho Designers Collection

Mokorotlo | Black/Peacock/Scarlet

Mokorotlo is a traditional head wear of Basotho, is a type of straw  hat widely used for traditional Sotho clothing, and is the national symbol of Lesotho.An image of Mokorotlo appears on the Lesotho flag, and on Lesotho licence plates.The design is believed to have been inspired by the iconic mountain Mount Qiloane. It is manufactured from an indigenous grass known as ''mosea'' or ''loli''
The Mokorotlo became famous when Chiefs began singing a song also known as 'mokorotlo', to garner support at village ''Pitso'', which is a gathering.
In its original form, it was exclusively worn by males to gatherings. However, new designs were developed to cater to women.


The Basotho display the Mokorotlo in their homes, indicating that they uphold the customs and acknowledge their  bonds with their  Balimo Ancestors.
It is also serves to protect the home against danger and other evil influences.
The hat is an important part of sotho cultural attire that is worn to reflect national identity and pride.
The Mokorotlo blanket is worn by every Mosotho, everyone regardless. The Mokorotlo blanket features iconic Basotho hats, symbolizing Basotho and Lesotho.