Club Aranda

Purchase Blankets Online Through Club Aranda. Established in 1953, Aranda Textile Mills is the oldest blanket manufacturer in South Africa. Aranda is one of the leading suppliers of both décor blankets and throws which can now be purchased online through our Club Aranda website.

Our range of high quality blankets also include authentic Basotho wearing blankets ideal for utility and functional purposes. Our success is attributed to our innovative and aesthetic designs and superior quality of blankets which are available online.

Whether you are looking for something unique for your hotel, or perhaps you want something comfy for your B&B or lodge, Club Aranda will take care of all your blanket needs. We are committed to the economic growth of our country, which is why every blanket from the raw fibre to the finished product is proudly made in South Africa. Our quality is guaranteed and we welcome you to a blanket extravaganza like no other. We have made it easy for you to buy our blankets, simply create an account and shop online.

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