Aranda supports Education, Training & Development for the Youth

15 June 2016
Aranda supports Education, Training & Development for the Youth

The Aranda Learnership College (Pty) Ltd, an accredited Centre of Excellence to the Fibre Processing and Manufacturing Sectoral Education and Training Authority (FP&M SETA), has offered significant education and training opportunities to young people in South Africa. It offers various skills programmes and learnerships in partnership with employers and other agencies in the Clothing, Textile, Footwear, Leather and General Goods industry. As a result many of these young people have either been employed or have been promoted within their companies. Others have chosen to further their studies

During 2015 the Aranda Learnership College enrolled 40 learners for Learnerships in NQF level 1 and 722 in NQF Level 2. The College also offered TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) bursaries to 35 learners in DHET N1-N3 Engineering Studies and the National Certificate: Vocational in Management (NCV). Again in 2016, 40 bursaries have been allocated for these studies.

The College has been registered as a private FET College with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) since 2009. It contributes significantly as partner to the FP&M SETA to prioritized skills development and training, specifically targeting young people. In partnership with SEDA (Small Enterprise Development Agency) and the FP&M SETA it exposes young people in rural communities to small business development. The young person first learns the technical skills of sewing, garment-making and home textiles, then moves on to the business skills development phase and finally to the successful management of a small business where quality production, customer service, profitability and sustainability matters. During 2015, 879 learners were enrolled in on one or more of these programs.

The College is proud of its relationship with others to bring training and development opportunities and pathways to the young people of South Africa. It will also continue to strive to facilitate work experience opportunities for young people to acquire technical and income-generating skills. For more information please visit

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