Aranda backs Basotho blanket-wearing tradition - Lesotho Winter Festival 2016

10 June 2016
Aranda backs Basotho blanket-wearing tradition - Lesotho Winter Festival 2016

South African owned Aranda Textile Mills is honoured to be an integral part of the Lesotho Winter Festival to promote the tradition of Basotho blanket-wearing, it said today ahead of the festival on the weekend. This event, LETOFE (Lesotho Tourism Festival), is organised by the Alliance Francaise and Aranda is the main sponsor. This festival is part of the buildup to Lesotho’s 50th Independence Anniversary that will be celebrated later this year.

This Festival, a first of its kind, celebrates the proud Lesotho heritage, traditions and people. Aranda is a major producer of luxury woolen Basotho – and other fine – blankets.  It will be launching a new blanket, the Victoria England Spitfire Limited Edition. The blanket is named after the Spitfire fighter aircraft that Lesotho donated to Britain during the World War II as a token of appreciation for the many years of British protection.

“Aranda produces unique Basotho blankets in conjunction with the Basotho people,” said Tom Kritzinger of Aranda. “We are proud of our collaboration with the Basotho nation, and the opportunity it presents to showcase the incredible craftsmanship, creativity and heritage of this wonderful gem of a mountain Kingdom.”

Over its six decades of work, Aranda has built up the skills and experience to make it globally competitive in the blanket and textile market. The company has invested heavily in Lesotho, despite the fact that operations and manufacture take place in neighbouring South Africa. 

“Through our many dealings in Lesotho we realised that water supply is critical for all communities especially schools, leading to our investment in 40 play pumps,” said Tom Kritzinger. 

Aranda revived 40 play pumps that supply schools and the wider community with water. This number will be increased to 50 by the end of June. This is done in conjunction with Roundabout Water Solutions, an organisation that supplies rural communities, with clean drinking water, by means of a sustainable pumping system, called a PlayPump, that is powered by the play of children.