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About The Quality Blanket Suppliers

Aranda Textile Mills has been a leading blankets manufacturer in South Africa for decades. It was established in 1951, after Dr Rodolfo Magni immigrated to South Africa following the damaging effects of the Second World War. The Magni family had textile factories in Florence, Italy, but they were unfortunately destroyed during the War. After the War, because of the instability in Italy, Rodolfo and his brothers decided to emigrate.
Rodolfo came to the country in 1950 and chose a 17 acre site in Randfontein, where the factory still operates today. In 1951 he immigrated with his family and was joined a couple of years later by his two brothers.
Due to the support and encouragement of a South African Colonel by the name of Arthur Aiken, the family managed to immigrate to the country, and pursue their dream of becoming one of the foremost blanket suppliers. They are most grateful to Arthur Aiken, who was also the chairman of Barclays Bank in South Africa.
With the encouragement and assistance of Aiken and the technical know-how and courage of its founding fathers, Aranda Textiles quickly established itself as one of the leading blankets manufacturers in South Africa.
The company now has two modernised factories utilising state-of-the-art technology, which is run in a vertical operation, consisting of fibre dyeing, spinning, jacquard and dobby weaving, finishing, make-up (CMT) and warehousing.

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Quality Driven Enterprise

As one of the foremost blankets suppliers, Aranda’s main focus is producing high quality blankets and throws, designed in both classical and contemporary styles. Our blankets and throws range from hereditary to modern, and you can purchase our blankets wholesale as well.
“What we really have to do to be successful” explains Nick Magni, the CEO, “is to read the crystal ball and think way ahead of time to predict what is going to be popular and what is going to sell.”
Keeping on top of trends and consumer patterns has allowed the company to explore new product ranges such as microfiber throws, chenille’s and other exciting blends which have a superior soft finish.

Aranda’s product ranges can be found in many of the country’s leading retailers, and mainly work with chains who appreciate quality.
Magni explains that whilst sourcing quality raw materials for a fair price is essential, the company is still very focussed on putting money back in to the South African economy, “when it comes to wool we buy South African Merino Wool, of which we purchase fairly sizeable quantities.”

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