As manufacturer of the highest quality of woven blankets, Aranda Textile Mills manages to blend European production excellence with African roots, culture and design.
With 3rd generation Italian family ownership, Aranda is proud of its 58 year old heritage.
Superior quality has never been an option, but a given.
Our philosophy has always been that being African gives us a unique edge, but may never be an excuse for inferior service or quality.
Our 3 year product guarantee, which is fairly unique in the world of blankets, underlines our confidence in our blankets and our commitment to quality.
Aranda employs over 900 people with manufacturing hubs in Johannesburg and close to Durban.
We produce approximately 2.5 million blankets annually and have a production capability in excess of 3 million units per annum.
With an experienced export division we aim to grow our export market rapidly, aiming at bulk supplying markets looking for authentic African motive blankets with consistent superior quality and professionalism in logistics.
Aranda has full design capability and produce thousands of unique designs annually. We also custom design to order on substantial orders.
If you are interested from a bulk supply point of view,
please do not hesitate to contact our Exports sales team directly.
Tom or Chantel will gladly put a sample set together that will suit your specific interest:
Mr. Tom Kritzinger or Mrs. Chantel Bell
Email: exports@aranda.co.za
Tel:  +2711 693 3721
Fax: +2711 412 3504
If you would like more information, please visit our main website by clicking here.